"I love being able to escape my past, even though my past was great. I just love the future even more." 
-Perry Ferrell

Taylor is a writer, musician, model, actor and entrepreneur based out of Austin, Texas. He is also an avid reader, fitness fiend, video game nerd, amateur spray painter/drawer, and world traveler. His goals are to eliminate personal barriers, remove the comfort zone, collaborate with other artists, and maximize the human experience.

Taylor's father, Jerry Don (J.D.) Summers, was attacked in downtown Austin on March 15th, 2016, where he died four days later from blunt head trauma. After discovering this tragedy while overseas in Ireland, Taylor traveled back home to begin the new phase of his life. This next wave had been a spiritual journey of growth, reflection, and many learning experiences: leaving employers, traveling to new places, starting new projects (both creative and physical), meeting, reconnecting, and losing new and old friends. It is during this time that Taylor took his creative and entrepreneurship passions to the next level.

The idea for Summers Ink originated in May of 2017. Taylor was on a work trip with his uncle on the east coast in Virginia and Myrtle Beach, the latter a place that he considers his second home. Although they are forty years apart, Joe and Taylor relate on many levels, always enjoying the time they spend together and the conversations they have about life, the universe, and everything in between. 

While helping Joe's friends and remodeling the beach house, an epiphany came to Taylor. He began jotting down three-to-five word phrases like a mad man (with a majority of them coming from his and Joe's conversations) and creating designs based off of them. Noticing more of life's serendipities, he decided to make a custom clothing line when he saw Joe wearing one of his patented pocket shirts, a style that his father, brother and many other family members always wore.

But why stop there? During the process of creating his designs, Taylor decided to tie his creativity into a way of giving back to the world. Each product has the option to donate to several different causes or charities, with the art of each design serving as a theme to what someone can donate to. He wanted not only to just create a brand for himself and honor his family name, but for other people to identify with Summers Ink and to know and feel that they are making a difference in their communities, too.

Many elements of this website are also in honor of his father: the logo is based off Jerry's slogan and nickname, "Mr. Milwood", which he coined in the 1990's during the best years of his real estate career at Keller Williams. The "piano man" on the front page is from the 1981 New Orleans Jazz Festival poster, one of Taylor's most prized possessions that his father gave him when he was younger.

The opposite of war is creation. I hope that this art inspires you to take on your passion, to make something of your own, to continue helping one another, to think outside the box and notice the world around you. Everything inside and around you is telling a story, and I encourage you to dig deeper and share it with the world.